Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's a Date....A Retirement....A Sweet 16....and a Christmas of a Lifetime!

As posted on my status update on FB, we finally have a date for induction. The fact that we are even discussing an induction brings me to tears as we culminate this journey with our precious girl. I'm not sure what emotions I feel right now or will feel when we see her. I do know that without Faith and Prayer and the Love of my Lord and Savior, we would not have our girl or even be discussing an induction.

We met with my general OB yesterday. Many of you know, I have battled with one emotion lately....FRUSTRATION. I'm so ready for her to be here. I believe a large part of that involves my continued fear of something happening until she's in my arms. Not to mention, I'm just physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. We have been fighting for her since I was 5 weeks pregnant and I will fight to the end...I'm just ready and tired.

After a lengthy discussion with my OB, we were calmed and left with a clearer understanding of why we have to "wait". I am on heprin, a blood thinner. I can't just be removed from it and there is a time lapse for it to wear off. So, my OB is trying to schedule an "elective" induction so I can be taken off the heprin in time for my blood count to rise in case of surgery or to receive an epidural. Insurance will not allow an elective induction prior to 39 weeks. I've been beggin to remove the stitch, however, if he does that, the possibility of me going into labor on my own increases, and due to the blood thinner, I would not be able to get an epidural and in the case of a c-section would need to be put to sleep. So, as we stand now, December 17th is the date! There is still the "risk" of going on my own before hand and/or tearing the stitch. So we just pray now, she stays where she is for 17 more days.

We are overcome with excitement and anticipation of holding her in our arms! Amber turns 16 on December 15th so Elizabeth will make a wonderful present for Amber. I've often talked about how proud I am of her. It brings me to tears to know she will be 16, but she's such an amazing 16 year old and a wonderful blessing to her baby brother and sister. She even agreed to postpone her Sweet 16 Party to the end of January since things were so crazy right now! William and Elizabeth won't realize it now, but one day, they will know how much she does love them and is so proud of them. The simple way she interacts with William, playing with him, loving on him, helping with him, and comforting him, is precious. He's even learned when he reaches the top of the staircase right where her room is and boy does he go running in there! She just lights up when he does! It would be so easy for many teenagers to be annoyed or bothered by a baby brother or sister, but she isn't and never has been. I'm so proud of her.

God continues to show Himself in this journey. Mom officially retires on December 16th making that her last day of teaching after 38 years! Bitter sweet, I'm sure! But...with the 17th being the date, she and daddy are expected to arrive here the night of the 16th. So, Happy Retirement to my Mom as she welcomes another granddaughter. This will be our first Christmas not being able to go to Florida. As difficult as that will be, we are reminded of the Reason for the Season as we will celebrate Christmas with our Elizabeth Grace, who we thought we may lose months ago. I can't imagine a more blessed Christmas than to share the power of Prayer and Faith with my other two children on Christmas morning. It will be nice having mom and dad here though!

We will keep you updated in the days ahead and on her arrival. Amber beat me to FB when William was born, so we'll see if she beats me again! She was able to witness his birth and it was truly amazing to share that time with her. I'm hoping to share that same experience with her as we welcome Elizabeth into this world.


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