Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Are Finally Ready!

I'm a bit behind on updating on Elizabeth! Yes, I am still pregnant, and tomorrow (Monday) marks 35 weeks!

We met with both our specialist and my general OB last week. Last weekend was a little eventful resulting in an overnight stay at Northside for monitoring and medications. This was followed by my regular weekly appointment on Monday with my specialist and my OB on Thursday. Due to all the activity I'm having with contractions some medication adjustments were made. I will, however, continue with my final two 17P injections. I have had this injection once a week since I was 17 weeks pregnant. Essentially, the progestrone released keeps my cervix from "changing" despite the MANY MANY MANY contractions I am having. The plan all along was to be on these injections until 36 weeks. So, neither doctor is budging on this one.

The next issue at hand is the consensus on when I will be admitted for removal of my stitch. My specialist has agreed all along, 36 weeks would be sufficient and is pretty standard. My general OB would prefer I wait until 37 weeks. Of course I'm ready, but the more challenging question is Plan B, if my body does not transition into labor. The initial discussion is to admit me for 24 hours, then send me home if nothing happens and a scheduled induction/c-section would occur at 39 weeks (the Monday before Christmas).

So here we are...I see my specialist tomorrow. Both doctors have scheduled a meeting to discuss a birth plan for Elizabeth Grace and try to reach an agreement as to the date for stitch removal and whether or not they'll both agree to aide through induction at that same time if I do not go into labor on my own.

In an attempt to minimize more time off work for Fred, if we can all agree on a 36 week stitch removal with induction, then we will most likely request next Thursday (36 weeks 3 days) to admit me and hopefully meet our precious girl over the weekend.

So...............that was a lot to take in, but needless to say we are anxiously waiting to hear what the doctors decide tomorrow.

I personally cannot believe we are at this point. At our last appointment, Elizabeth weighed nearly 6 pounds, so I know she is at 6 pounds if not over by now. Based on her movements, kicks, and location of her head, she is a very LONG little girl as well. She is super strong, and a lot of the time, I can feel her little foot and even measure it with my fingers.

Every kick, every movement, and every appointment is a reminder of God's Faithfulness to us. Our human nature is to call her a little miracle, and that she truly is. However, there really are no miracles. God has His hand on all we do and to discount that with calling all great things miracles, is discounting the power of Faith, Love, and Prayer.

The past 16 months for our family have been challenging. We have weathered one premature birth, the NICU, a house fire, and then of course our journey with Elizabeth. However, we have and will continue to Praise Him for his Faithfulness to us, His never ceasing Love, and the privilege He has given us to share His Love. We have stood the test, and are ready to take the next step in this journey which is to Serve Him in all we do.

I will update once we hear from our doctors.


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