Thursday, November 3, 2011

True Love Waits

So...I guess there are some things a mommy just doesn't miss. My greatest challenge throughout these past months has been trying to juggle what is best for Elizabeth Grace (bedrest, obviously) and trying to meet the simple needs of both Amber and William. I have always recognized the critical nature of our situation with Elizabeth, but as I noted in a former post, I'm a mommy of three, and nothing changes that fact.

Two weeks ago, against Fred's wishes and believe it or not Amber's wishes, I attended her first Chorus performance at school. Although I spent the evening in an extreme amount of discomfort, I had no regrets about going. I was so very proud of her and so proud to be there listening to her sing. Just another proud mommy moment!!!!!

Last night, the youth group at church held their True Love Waits Ceremony. Of course, I WAS NOT going to miss this. So I prayed for the strength to withstand the evening, and once again against both Fred and Amber's wishes, I went. Again, I had no regrets. Again, I was one proud mommy both during and when we left and wouldn't have changed a thing. We are so blessed to have such an amazing youth minister, Jamie Merritt who along with his wife, Tiffany, lead and guide our youth in so many amazing ways. If you have a teenager, you know far too well the challenges they face in "the world". We as parents have to set the example while also guiding our children through a church that also embraces these same values. I was moved by the stories shared and the prayer time I had with Amber and her sincerity.

It is so wonderful to be able to share with her my life decisions and use them as learning tools for her. Sometimes, I wish I could push rewind and make her a baby once again. But, that's not His design and it shouldn't be mine either. As nice as it would be to hold her in my arms as a tiny baby again, I must say, seeing her blossom into the amazing young woman she is becoming is just as gratifying and fullfilling. I am so proud of her committment and I pray she sees this through in her heart until the day she finds the man the Lord is preparing for her.

So tonight, I don't feel the need to do a daily gratitude list for the month of November. Gratitude is shown in what we say and what we do with and for those we love daily. My prayer is that as I travel through life, I demonstrate gratitude through my words and my actions with and for those around me. Even through life's greatest fears and challenges, we have so much to be thankful for, if and only if, we choose to see it in that light. For our family, these past few months has taught us to simply be thankful for one another and the love of our friends and family. To some, that may seem insignificant where you are in your life. However, I pray that for you, it doesn't take one of life's greatest challenges for you to realize what is significant. Be thankful today for each other, for the love of those around you, and most of all for the fact that Jesus died for you, and for that alone, you will find thanksgiving daily.

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