Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Reflection...My Faith....Your Blessing

So while our Thanksgiving dinner is finishing up on the stove and in the oven, I thought I would sit and rest a bit and update our blog.

I woke up this morning with so much emotion on my heart. I believe I was simply overcome with thanksgiving in a way I have never experienced. I began my morning at 5:30 (before William even woke up). I seasoned our turkey and put him in the oven to began cooking. I then prepared Amber's two must haves, sausage balls and breakfast pizza. Once all that had started, William woke up...of course Amber was hours later, haha.

As I stirred around the house cleaning the kitchen, I began to think about all I have been blessed with and all I have to be thankful for. As abundant as those things are, they are all only because of the love of my Lord and Savior. In my life, I have been blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends. I have been blessed with His provision, His Faithfulness, and His Love to me, even when I least deserved it. As I continued to reflect, I realized my greatest of blessings were right in front of me. God has given me such an amazing husband. I don't think we truly realized the significance of our wedding vows until this past year. "Richer and Poorer, Sickness and in Health". As we have stood strong for each other for 14 days until we brought our sweet William home from the NICU, through our house fire, through guiding and loving our teenager through challenging "teenage" times, and walking in Faith for our Elizabeth, we have stood the test and are a testament of relying on our vows and trusting in God.

Above all, I am so very thankful for my three beautiful children. There is nothing in this earthly life that brings me more happiness, more joy, and more love than my children. Each one of them has their own unique personality that defines who they are. As a mother of a teenager, there is no greater joy than watching my daughter grow and walk in Christ.

So as we prepare to sit down together and eat, reflect, and give our thanks, I am so honored God chose me to be Fred's wife, and Amber, William, and Elizabeth Grace's mother. For our family, this Thanksgiving has a more significant meaning. We will be giving thanks for the power of prayer and for our Elizabeth Grace. 17 weeks ago, we began a journey that would challenge our Faith more than ever. However, as a family, we have met that challenge, followed His calling, and placed our trust in Him. For that, we have been rewarded. As we prepare to welcome her into our family, we are anxiously waiting to wrap our arms around her and daily tell her the story of Jesus Christ.

As you enjoy this day with your family, I pray that you stop for just a moment and reflect on all your blessings. For some of you, they won't be hard to find, for others, you may have to search a bit, and for others you may feel like you have none. I trust that through our story, and our Elizabeth Grace, you will know your greatest blessing and the Love and Forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Enjoy your day, eat LOTS, and most of all be happy!


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