Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 Days and Counting...............

Counting the days! This past week I have struggled a great deal with frustration, lack of patience, and very little grace (just as Beckee). I guess this is normal for any pregnancy rounding the "final" corner. I entered 37 weeks this week and am feeling every bit of it as Elizabeth continues to drop and grow. As of last Friday, they estimated her at 7 lbs! Can you believe it....7 lbs. She is going to be the bigggest of my three babies, yet the one who gave us the most fear.

We met with my general OB yesterday, and the plan remains....I have been scheduled to be at the hospital by 6:30 a.m. next Saturday, the 17th. So we will be up bright and early on the road. I cannot believe it's 10 days away! It just doesn't seem real. Mom and Dad will arrive Friday night and plan on making their way to the hospital once we get there and get settled. We are not sure how long of a day it will be. The plan is to admit me early. MY OB will be there, which is a huge blessing, and he plans to remove the stitch, break my water, and begin pitocin right away. The stitch removal can be extremely painful, so we will decide at that time if I will go ahead with an epidural. We won't know if a c-section will be necessary until things get started. He seems optimistic and so I'll follow his lead on that one!

We are thrilled to meet our precious Elizabeth and truly see the work of His hands. Not knowing how the day will proceed, we are not sure about visitors for Saturday. We do know that we will want to make it a very special day introducing Amber and William to their new sister. This will be especially significant for William as he is so young. We pray he is able to make the adjsutment to her outside of my belly which he has come to love dearly loving all over here "in there". We'll be anxious to see if this continues once she's "out" and real. Amber is such an amazing big sister, and I know she'll be nothing but amazing as she meets Elizabeth. Mom and Dad are just as excited as well. They are the best grandparents, and each grandchild has been so special to them. We are so thankful they will be here to welcome Elizabeth as well as be there with the kids.

However, Sunday, we will welcome visitors with open arms. We are well aware that each of you have shared so much of our journey with us and through your prayers and dedication to our family, we will be holding our girl in our arms. We are looking forward to sharing her with each of you, but want to make sure we reserve the early moments Saturday for our kids and family.

Needless to say, the next 10 days will be BUSY. We will be making sure the house is all decorated and ready for Christmas, wrapping up all the final cleaning and organizing, and meeting with both doctors one last time. I doubt I will have time to do a post before next Saturday. I will, however, make sure to update via FB and the Blog by Saturday evening with lots of pictures of our precious Elizabeth Grace! As I type, I am overcome with such heavy emotions.

In May, I had a sweet childhood friend anxiously await the day of arrival for her precious daughter Faith. Faith lived 42 minutes, then went to live with Jesus. As I/we anxiously await the day of arrival for our Elizabeth, my emotions and thoughts think about Sarabeth and her precious Faith. She has and continues to be such an inspiration to me. So next Saturday, as we hold Elizabeth in our arms, I will be reminded of Faith...Faith that got us this far, and the precious Faith that Sarabeth has shared with so many people in her own personal time of grief. God has a plan, and at that time, we were unaware as to how much Faith we would need to carry us. As I mourned for Sarabeth, God knew His plan and was preparing His plan all along. He never fails!

With Love,

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