Thursday, September 1, 2011

If It Weren't For Prayer

What a busy morning! I don't think I realized how weak I really was until we spent much of the morning out. However, it was a wonderful morning. We met with my specialist at 10:00. They did measurements on Elizabeth and she now weighs 1 pound 7ounces. I am 23 weeks and 3 days and she measures 23 weeks and 6 days. She was very active and her tummy was full. This indicates she is drinking the amniotic fluid and her kidneys are functioning great. They did a full anatomy scan and her heart looked wonderful as well. summary....and I am a bit bias....she is perfect. My specialist was really happy with her growth (11 ounces) in four weeks, and very happy with my stability. Although there has not been any lengthening, I am stable and the stitch is doing it's job. We were even able to do a 4D ultrasound and get some awesome pictures. So I am back home. We will see my specialist every Thursday and my OB every two weeks.

We left the specialist office and went upstairs to my OB. He was very excited to see we are just 3 days shy of 24 weeks and has set his eyes for a new goal of 28 weeks. My tummy measured 26 weeks so he was very pleased with both the growth of the baby and my growth. Of's that time....I got the lovely "juice" to drink for my next appointment (2 weeks) to test for gestational diabetes, which we have no reason to think that'll be a problem. We left the doctor's offices this morning with big smiles, continued answers to prayer, and a continued closeness to each other and to God.

Despite all the chaos right now, Amber is doing excellent in school. I checked her grades on the portal last night and we could not be more proud of her right now. She has taken on such a load with school and helping around here and continues to maintain A's and B's. We really work to minimize our expectations for her here, as we want her to remain focused on school and being a 15 year old, but she continuously insist on helping and contributing. She's such a joy, and we are so blessed she is walking along this journey with us as we, as a family, see God so close to us.

We continue to remain faithful in trusting God's plan. Please continue to think of us in prayer from week to week. Each week is an incredible milestone and we are so blessed to mark them off on the calendar as another week Elizabeth Grace has had to grow and mature inside mommy. More and more each day, we see God at work in our lives, in our family, and in the lives of our friends. We also realize, we would not be where we are in this journey if it weren't for prayer. What a testimony of His Amazing Grace!

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