Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Praise Him From Whom All Blessings Flow

I hope this week has been a great one for each of you! Not too much news in our household this week, but I bet things are going to only get busier!

I realized today, it was 9 weeks ago we began our journey with Elizabeth Grace. However, when we woke up that Wednesday morning, we had no idea the baby inside of me was even a girl. So, then began our journey of Faith, Love, Hope, and Prayer. As I stated on my FB post earlier today, so many "physicians" were determined in their expertise and knowledge to think our precious girl would not make it. There was just simply no way my body would hold. However, we knew then, but little did they know, that God would show Himself the ONE AND ONLY GREAT PHYSICIAN! Here WE are, 9 weeks later, and inside of ME is a healthy, happy, growing little girl named Elizabeth Grace! She has NEVER been a specimen, as "they" so called her. She has always been OUR Elizabeth Grace given to us by our Father as a reminder of His Amazing Love.

Since this pregnancy began, we have stood in amazement of God's Love. Initially, we were shocked I was even pregnant. Then the shock turned to anguish as we were told at 5 weeks, we would loose our girl. Then from there, well if you've followed us, you know the "rest" or at least until this point! I don't think I ever stopped for a moment and feet excitement. I was excited, however, I guarded my feelings so deeply at times. Now, I am overcome with excitement, joy, and happiness at the continued faithfulness of His Love for me, my family, OUR girl, and our many friends following us on this journey.

We visit both doctors tomorrow. We are prayerful for positive news. I will come off my current blood thinner which I administer through injection once a day now. They will be switching me to Heprin, which I will have to administer twice a day until Elizabeth is born. Heprin is a reversible blood thinner, which usually isn't administered utnil the final 4 weeks of pregnancy (36 weeks). But, since, my final week(s) are unknown (to us at least), my doctors don't want to "gamble" with any more time and will switch me now since I will be 28 weeks on Monday. Please pray that I am able to handle this form of the blood thinner well. I was given it for only a day with William, but at that time they were pumping me so full of medications to try and hold off labor for him, I felt miserable, so who knows which of the drugs was making me sick then.

Amber leaves Friday for 3 days at a Chorus Retreat with school. I'm sure gonna miss my best girl, but I know she's going to have a blast! I'm so proud of her. Also, Fred returns to work Monday. I cannot believe how these past 5 weeks have flown by, but I couldn't have been more blessed by him being home. He has carried such a burden on this journey and so often all that gets overlooked. I blogged about him on a previous post while I was still in the hospital. Little did I realize then, how really strong he was! He has had the glorious opportunity to venture in the grocery store SEVERAL times a week, vaccum, mop, play taxi driver for our teenager, and nightly bath time with William. Sure, these are basic household things, but when you have a stay-at-home wife/mom, you don't often get to experience such fun! Ha Ha....However, he has done it all with a smile and with so much love for our family. I'm sure going to miss him during the day when he goes back to work.

However, I have some amazing friends (family) coming in to help with William. These ladies have unselfishly sacrificed their own time to come into our home to help with my children. I'm so humbled by such love! Tuesdays will consists of a play date with my sweet friend Brittainy who will bring her two kids over to play with William while she helps me as well. What an amazing blessing and such a sacrifice, but so willing to do it with such a loving heart. Grammy Huanne will of course be here! She doesn't miss a beat! Such a blessing she has been to our family. With mom and dad in Florida, it's hard sometimes to go back and forth. So Grammy is always here to step in. My kiddos just love her to death! Finally, Mrs. Pat will be here. She also helped me the first week I was discharged and we had such wonderful conversations with some laughs. Not to mention, William absolutely adored her! Mom and Dad remain on standby to come if we call, so we are holding off on them b/c we know they'll be burning up the road to get here when we call to tell them "it's FINALLY time".

I daily sit and wonder what I did to deserve such blessings in my life. Our church, our family, our friends, have all been such blessings. My hope is that somehow, I/My Family has touched each of you the same way you have touched us. The ladies above are just a few of the many people who have helped us...and I promise I will get to all the thank you's soon!

Okay...that was a LONG post...sorry! I hope each of you have a wonderful evening. Embrace the one's you love, laugh often with them, and remember to be thankful for even the small moments.


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