Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Burden Is Too Great

I thought I would write a quick blog asking for lots of prayers tonight. I see my specialist tomorrow. If you read my last post, you know our appointment Thursday was not "great". So tomorrow is a result of that and a chance for our specialist to follow up to offer more direction. Specifically, I am asking for the following:

1. Please pray the stitch is holding and my membrances are not buldging past it. As of now, they have NOT ruptured. If they appear via ultrasound to be buldging, I will have to immediately be admitted to Labor and Delivery for stitch removal and/or c-section. We are thankful and blessed tomorrow will mark 28 weeks!

2. Please pray for our hearts and comfort tonight so we don't worry. We have come this far because of each of your prayers, love, and encouragement. We know He will be holding on to our hearts tonight as well as tomorrow.

3. Please pray for Fred as he returns to work tomorrow. I'm sure he's ready to get back to the routine of work, but has expressed numerous times how anxious he is about leaving me/us at home, especially now that things have taken a turn.

4. Please pray for Elizabeth Grace and her continued growth. She's done so well and continues to do her part. I struggle daily with feeling as though I am failing her b/c she has fought so hard and is doing so great right inside mommy!

I'm not usually one to define specific prayer request, but it was on my heart tonight as the evening draws near. I'm anxious about Fred returning to work, I'm anxious about our appointment tomorrow, and prayerful for William and Amber as they have and continue to do so well, despite all the craziness these weeks have brought. It's a large burden, but I am reminded daily, my burdens don't compare to the burden He carried when he climbed on the cross so that I may be eternally forgiven.

Please know how much we love each of you, and are so very thankful for your friendships, prayers, love, support, encouragement, and kind words. I'll update tomorrow when I have an opportunity.

With Love,

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