Friday, March 4, 2011

Facing Challenges with Grace (Well...continuing to learn how)

Well...guess the true trials of motherhood seem to come all at once. William went to bed all by himself last night for the first time. Not sure how to feel about that one. I do love holding him, rocking him, and feeling him breathe on my chest as he drifts off to sleep sucking his precious little finger. the same time, we do have to "let them fly" at times, right? Not sure!?!? He didn't cry, and when I went in 20 minutes later, he was fast asleep, tucked under his blue blanket, with his little finger in his mouth. Oh how precious he is.

Now on to raising a teenager. Wow! I guess that's the best word for that. I am so very proud of my girl, far beyond words could say. But, she is a teenager, and that alone requires lots of prayer and patience. I continue to trust that God has her in His hands when I don't and He will gently guide her and carry her through the journey she takes into adulthood in these coming years. Sigh....oh how I wish I could make her tiny again. Maybe hold her and rock her one more time. My precious girl.

Now that that's out....we can move on to being the wife. Oh how I love my husband, but there are days I feel as though that's all I have to offer him at the end of the day. My idea that stay-at-home moms was all about lunch dates, cute smiles, and shopping was WAY off. Not to say I don't have those days, because I have many. But, my day to day tasks don't always include lunch dates, much less lunch. Here is just a peek:

5:00 - Wake up; Stumble down the stairs to make lunches and breakfast for Amber and Fred
5:15 - William wakes up; change diaper; feed him
6:00 - Tell Fred and Amber good bye; play time with William (he demands it)
6:30 - attempt to clean the kitchen; William demands more attention so play time
7:00 - William Nap #1 (may be the only one for the day)
7:00 - put a load of laundry on; wash dishes/bottles from the morning; make beds; fold & put away any clothes laying around from the day/evening before; check emails; check FB; blog; and if I'm lucky, maybe catch a few minutes of a nap
8:30 - William is up ready for breakfast; change diaper; feed William; William plays in swing and walker
8:45 - Make me breakfast; eat while playing with William
9:00 - Switch out laundry; wash breakfast dishes; walk the dog (who has been begging since 5:00, but couldn't find the time)
9:30 - More play time with William; if I'm lucky he plays while I'm able to make phone calls, pay bills, check off my to-do-list and check in on my doctorate class work and status (Yep...working on my doctorate!)
10:00 - William gets cranky; Change diaper; Have juice; rock to sleep for Nap #2 (If I'm lucky.) If no nap, then it's a "hold me" kind of day until he gives up and surrenders to sleep. During this time, NOTHING gets done except snuggle time and play time with William

Depending on nap or not depends on what gets done for the afternoon. This usually invovles more laundry, dusting, vaccuming, emptying trash cans, phone calls, emails, blog, doctorate work, organizing office and mail (which is almost always piled up)

3:00 - Get ready for the evening; Decide on dinner plans; begin dinner
3:30 - Fred and Amber are home; most days I have my neighbor's son after school during this time
4:00 - William is hungry; Chanage diaper; prepare William's dinner; feed William; Remind Amber to get started with studying and homework
4:30 - Finish our dinner; and get ready to eat
5:00 - William bath; Make sure Amber is doing homework and studying not playing on the phone or FB
5:15 - 6:15 - Discuss Amber's day, homework, upcoming dates/tests/projects; play with William; laundry; general housework
6:30 - 7:00 - William to bed (hopefully)
7:00 - Make sure Amber has finished all her homework
7:30 - dishes, pick up kid toys, dog toys, and clutter around the house
8:00 - final load of laundry for the day; walk the dog; check emails and check in with doctorate work
8:15 - If I don't pass out, I use this time to get work on the computer done for my classes, then at some point I stumble up stairs and go to sleep.

So needless to say, there is never a dull moment or a time when I sit and think about how bored I am. I'm almost always behind on doctorate work, the dog does get walked, but not often. He spends much of his time at the door begging (sad, I know). Trying to work in a conversation with girl friends is close to impossible because I haven't figured out how to hold the phone and switch out laundry, wash dishes, and fold clothes without hurting my neck. Now William has learned to grab the phone so most of the time he's pulling it out of my hand anyway.

I write this in hopes that you will find the humor in it as I do. I have nothing to complain about! I am living and walking a very blessed life. I never said it was a perfect life, nor did I ever say it came without it's challenges. I wake up each day blessed to take on a new day with my children and my family. I couldn't ask for much more than that.

So I will continue to face each challenge with Faith that He continues to hold my hand. My prayer is that I will find some way to walk through each challenge with Grace; as I know I fall short here often.


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