Thursday, May 28, 2009


Wow! We are two days into our summer vacation and I feel completely lazy. However, I was able to get motivated and do some house work to check off on the "TO DO LIST". I cleaned out the entire file cabinet in our office and ended up with two garbage bags of shredded stuff. Guess that project was long overdue. I also did A LOT of laundry and cooked a killer dinner (beer can chicken, mac n' cheese, and sweet tea!

I am however, missing my girl. Mom and Dad couldn't wait to see her (they just saw her 6 weeks ago), so Dad met us in McDonough yesterday to pick her up. We are going the week of the 8th, but I guess grandparents lack patience to wait. So, she is hanging out there able to swim at her leisure so that makes her REALLY happy.

Hopefully in the next week we will be able to get her room and her bathroom painted. I want to surprise her with a whole new bedroom when she gets home, so here's to hoping it gets done. I can't wait to get to Florida. Lots of friends to catch up with and Good Times to be had!!!!!

And......the yard guy came today.......and we found out that his brother does basements!!!!! Yay!!! So looks like we will be getting some estimates on finishing our basement. I wanted this done by the time Amber reached high school so we have a year! I'm so excited, and Fred is too. I think he is thinking this will be his new bachelor pad (LOL). Whatever works, huh!

Happy Evening!

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